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website marketing and your internet strategy

Developing your strategy starts with finding out what you need, and what your customers need. This will be dictated by the answers to a number of key questions.

your target clients-who are they?

Who is the website for? Is it for existing customers or are you trying to reach new ones? I will need a description of your target client.

how to reach your clients efficiently; SEO versus PPC

There is an ongoing argument of the pros and cons of SEO (getting results in the organic search results) and Pay Per Click (paying for sponsored ads via Google Adwords, etc.). My speciality is SEO (organic search results) and under most circumstances it is by far the most efficient way forward for most businesses.

Here is an interesting ongoing article started in 2008 on SEO V PPC.

Having said that, there are times when PPC is the best short-term solution (launching a new website, a brand new product or service, inmovible competition in key areas) and I can put together an Adwords campaign for your situation.

what's the website to do?

What are you trying to achieve? Establish an online presence, create a virtual showroom and shopping cart, distribute information cheaply and efficiently, reinforce an existing image, help establish a new one, reduce costs, reach new customers, improve service to existing ones, all of the above or something else altogether?

what feeling are you trying to create?

What image do you want to project? Do you want to incorporate existing artwork or do you want something new & original? Are you after a solid conservative look, a contemporary feel or something from next decade? Cheap and cheery? Exclusive and upmarket?

What is your time frame? Is this part of an orchestrated marketing campaign or is it a stand-alone effort? Will it be interactive (will enquiries be answered in real time by a real person), or do you want to provide automated e-mail responses to a number of common questions?

The answers to these questions and more will tell us how we best go about achieving your goals and give us a solid base to start to work on the website design.

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