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how can social media help you?

Confused about how Social Media can help you and your business? There are (at least) 5 things that Social Media can do for your business and I can help you identify and use SM to help achieve growth through a positive reputation in your sector.

community building and engagement

Sounds good but what is it? SM provides a great way to engage with consumers and help you build your brand and company reputation.

social media and sales

SM can help you build your sales. If there's over half a billion people on Facebook then you need to find which ones are your target clients and reach out to them. In many cases, traffic from social media sites is better quality than from search engines.

reputaton management with social media

Noone running a business can do it 100% right all the time, mistakes occur, but the important thing is how you respond to those mistakes. These days mistakes can be broadcast in a very fast and public fashion. SM gives you the opportunity to listen and respond in a timely and public manner; correcting inaccuracies, minimising damage or simply making things right.

product support via sm

SM can help reduce your product and service costs by allowing you to manage and provide first class customer service and support in a very publi manner.

using sm to build awareness

SM lets you communicate with your sector and target audience, getting the news out there about new products, services and vistories that you enjoy.

There are 4 steps to successfully using Social Media:

  1. Setting out your objectives
  2. Planning and configuration of a social media campaign
  3. Execution
  4. Measurement (are we doing this right yet?)

Depending on your resources and needs you might ask me to help with steps 1 and 2, or you may want me to handles 1 through 4. It's all up to you.

If you are interested in finding out how social media can help you then contact me for a preliminary discussion of your needs and questions.



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