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SEM (search engine marketing)

Do you need to get found in the search engines fast? The answer is search engine marketing based on paying to have your ad listing in Google's results page (often called PPC/ pay per click, or paid results).

The first step is to understand what phrases your target clients are using to find a service or product like yours. The best way to do that is to combine relevance with frequency to create a pay per clic campaign launch.

We will create optimised landing pages that are immediately of interest to your paid-for traffic, and help your ads appear higher than your competitors.

We then measure results on a regular basis and adjust your campaign to help optimise your return on investment (ROI), maximising sales and minimising costs.

PPC campaigns are dynamic, and once launched should be optimised, tested and adjusted according to results. The concept of create, launch and leave to run is outdated and will cost you money that could be better utilised or saved for other projects.

Search Engine Marketing can work simultaneously with SEO, using the information gathered to help you identify your best key phrases, and get a boost in areas where your website is not ranking in the organic search results. If your SEO is working there is no real need to duplicate the work and cost via SEM, but at times it's just not possible to get the best results with SEO and that is where SEM can help.

An SEM campaign can be planned and launched within days, and results are immediate.

Start the ball rolling today.



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