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SEO Barcelona

A great website is no good if no-one can find it, or you are ranked so far down in the search engines results that your competitors get all the traffic.

I am a website consultant and my speciality is getting targeted traffic onto your website. There are many tools in the bag and the most popular are SEO, SEM and SM. They are all based on getting websites to appear in the top search results of the major search engines, and Google is currently the 800 pound gorilla of search engines.

STOP - I am sorry to say that for the foreseeable future I am not available for new projects.

Together they make a potent mix to help get you the results you want from your online marketing efforts.

Is your website lost in Google?

Misleadingly called search engine optimisation or SEO. It's not search engines that I optimise, but your website, so that the search engines can easily find your website, index the contents and bless it with a favourable ranking.

I can provide an report on the state of your website, all I need are some details on your website and a few days to prepare it.

I launched my first website in 1999, and immediately became fascinated by how the search engines would treat the pages I built, and have specialised in the commercial side of websites ever since.

As a full-time website consultant I can help you with your first website, or study your existing website and identify areas that should be improved. I specialise in commercial websites for small to medium-sized businesses. I can prepare a website for optimal performance with the search engines, and then help you develop and promote it.

I can help you launch your new website, or re-do an underperforming website. The process varies from site to site, depending on your target keywords, your target clients, and how well your competitors' websites rank in the search engines. Broken down into the basic steps I will

    • Talk to you about your core business and clearly understand your target clients and their buying habits.
    • Identify the best keywords and keyphrases for your website.
    • Optimise your website for these keywords.
    • Help create a website that is intuitive to navigate, gives the prospective client the information they need on your products/services, and leads them to your success page (whether a subscription page, shopping cart or a request for more information).
    • Setup a system to measure success; who are your visitors, where do they come from, how do they find you, and what do they do once they get onto your website.
    • Monitor, test and improve your website's results .

So if you are interested in a website that grabs your target clients and converts them into customers, talk to me about SEO.

Maybe you're looking to join the social crowd, whether for community building, sales, reputation management, reputation management, product support or building awarenes about you and your brand, Social Media can be a great solution to your needs.

I can help you establish your oblectives, plan a SM campaign, execute your plan and/or measure the effectivenes of your SM efforts. Whatever you need or think you need, just contact me to get the ball rolling.


Carrer de Casp, 108, 6º, 08010, Barcelona, Spain Tel: (+34) 654 873 521
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