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Website & SEO Consultant Spain
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Website & SEO Consultant Spain

Every new website starts with zero visitors, but it's what happens after launch that determines whether your site is a success or a failure, and that's where my work as an SEO consultant starts...

With billions of webpages on the world wide web, how are your potential clients going to find you? There is little point having a stunning website if you don't rank within the first page of the most popular search engines, and that means Google, followed by Yahoo!, Microsoft Bing (replaced Microsoft Live Search in June 2009) and the rest.

Search engine marketing... the new black?

My clients currently enjoy page one ranking with Google for their main keywords, (usually in the top #5). Knowing how to get top results (SERP) for your website, selecting and developing keywords in copy, tags, headings, etc, developing quality reciprocal links, optimising a website so a search engine's spiderbot can read all your website's content, usability, monitoring and improving results... all of this requires a professional SEO who stays on top of the latest developments and can spot the upcoming trends. Someone who specialises in search engine optimisation and website promotion.

Equally important with search engine marketing is to understand that the rules are changing. What was acceptable website optimisation a year ago may have become unacceptable (confusingly also known as SPAM, not to be confused with the spam you get in your email inbox) and can get you kicked off a search engine. And once banned, it is very difficult to get back in. A worst case scenario is getting banned from Google for anywhere between a few weeks and a few years, or even permanently.

A professional SEO consultant understands the dynamics of this relatively new profession, and will make sure you don't cross that line. It is also crucial to stay ahead of the pack and understand what new factors are becoming more important.

I install a good quality statistics programme that will give us a huge amount of information about our visitors, we collect feedback, we interpret results, and we begin to see what has a positive effect and what doesn't. And we learn what works for you.

Be warned...

If you're considering hiring a website or SEO consultant, look for phrases like "submission to "x" thousand search engines", "monthly submission", "guaranteed #1 position", to name a few of the most overworked terms. These should be a warning that you should keep on looking for someone who understands websites and their promotion.

I am able to prove that I understand search engine optimisation and website consultancy by looking at current results in the top search engines of websites that I currently promote, and I can prove it to you!

My work...

Carrer de Caspe, 108, 6º, 08010, Barcelona, Spain Tel: (+34) 654 873 521